Orontas lubricant - plant-based
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Orontas lubricant - plant-based

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The plant-based lubricant by the guys from Orontas has an anti-corrosive effect and is extremely resistant to washing out. Ideal properties for all outdoor applications. Everywhere where moving parts need to be protected and lubricated.

... and above all it is the ecologically more harmless alternative.

Oronta's lubricant is non-toxic, biodegradable and does not contain petroleum. With a spray radius of 360 °, the can is very user-friendly, so that any squeaking is eliminated in the twinkling of an eye and moving parts can be protected quickly and easily.
  • Content 300 g
  • Made in Canada
  • Tips for successful use:
    • Get off the bike !!
    • Clean the area as best as possible.
    • Spray as needed, but rather sparingly.
    • Rotate moving parts slowly to optimally distribute the lubricant.
     ★ Delivery time: 3 working days after receipt of payment | International: 3-5 working days