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Chain oil 90ml - Allthatiwant
Chain oil 90ml - Allthatiwant

Chain oil 90ml

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Made with Love from Canada

Orontas chain oil is a high-performance chain oil for dry to normal conditions and developed from 100% sustainable materials.
The chain oil protects against rust and avoids noise and friction from your chain for a faster and smoother ride. The chain oil is non-toxic, biodegradable and petroleum free. Doesn't stick your chain together, it just makes it better!
... and not only that: after hanging out with Chris Hanz, the co-founder of Orontas, in New York a few years ago, we are not only 100% convinced of the product, but also of the team behind Orontas.


Tips for successful use:
  • Clean the chain
  • Slowly turn the chain backwards and sparingly drip lubricant onto each chain link
  • Less is more, so please use it sparingly
  • Ideally use every 100 km
  • Content 90 ml
  • Made in Canada
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