LA bridge bike helmet man
The Chapter Collection by Thousand is for all frequent travelers who value performance and functionality, but don't want to forego design and aesthetics.

With integrated MIPS technology, Thousand gets the maximum out of your safety.

MIPS - never heard of it? "MIPS" stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System and was developed by Swedish scientists considering that two main types of force - linear and rotating - are associated with the majority of brain injuries in bicycle accidents. The additional MIPS layer minimizes the rotational forces in the event of an impact and thus offers additional protection against serious brain injuries.
A pretty "smart" helmet that gives you a little more lightness even at high speed. Speaking of light: The helmets of the Chapter collection are also pleasantly light to wear and the ventilation channels ensure good ventilation on the head. So thumbs up to the Thousand design team to keep the unmistakable look of their Every Day Commuter helmets and to develop a helmet for sports and performance too. We can only say ... we are a fan.