LA bridge bike helmet man
The Chapter Collection by Thousand is for all frequent bike traveler who seek for performance and safety and don't want to compromise on design and aesthetics.

With integrated MIPS technology, Thousand achieves the highest safety standard.

MIPS - never heard of it? "MIPS" stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System and was developed by Swedish scientists considering that two main types of force - linear and rotating - are associated with the majority of brain injuries in bicycle accidents. Thousand added an extra layer of protection with the integrated Mips safety system, designed to reduce the rotational motion of certain impacts that may otherwise be transferred to your head.
A very "smart" helmet, that also adds a layer of cool to your daily riding style. XNUMX strategically placed vents actively capture airflow and pass it through the interior cooling channels – developed to keep you cool on your long rides. Happy and safe ride and keep moving forward!