Polls are closed: The Top Helmet Colors

We've asked you guys in our Insta Story: Which color of the Thousand Bike Helmet is your fave? Aaaand the winner is: Premium Gold was you all-time favorite followed by Rosé and Poilshed Titanium and the classic Carbon Black. Here are the top picks. .

About the ”Thousand” bicycle helmets: 

“We named our company “Thousand” as a promise – a commitment and a goal of helping to save 1000 lives by making helmets people actually want to wear. Our name serves as a daily reminder of why we do what we do. Safety is why we started Thousand. We launched on Kickstarter in XNUMX, and I’m still grateful for each and every order that we ship, because it means another rider that’s choosing to be safe by wearing a Thousand helmet. Every time a member of our community writes to us, letting us know their helmet kept them safe in an accident, we’re inspired to do even more and keep more riders safe on the road.” Gloria, Founder of Thousand. 

In 2015 Thousand started a Kickstarter campaign and since then we have been grateful every day that every helmet shipped means that a cyclist has actively decided to protect his head. "Gloria, founder of Thousand.