Reflective clothing: Be safe and be seen.

Last year a close family member had to experience first hand what it is like to be overlooked at a roundabout. Fortunately "only" a broken hip and thanks to the helmet no long-term effects. But the fear with every ride through a roundabout remains - with all of us, because that definitely could have turned out differently. 

Make yourself visible - not just on the bike

You can easily do something to become more visible in traffic. For example, with reflective clothing, accessories and reflective elements on the bike (... and they are actually also available in cool) it is a first step towards better visibility and safety. Wearing a bicycle helmet and driving considerately are of course also part of the latter.

We have selected a few favorite pieces from our shop for you. All other products from our "Reflection" collection (that even rhymes) you can find here

1) Reflective stickers by Bookman. Sticks firmly to the bike and / or helmet, but can just as easily be removed again without leaving any residue. (In different colors and designs).

Bookman Reflective Stickers


2) Reflective blouson from siimii. This great jacket is a real eye-catcher and the high-quality incorporated reflector thread lets you shine in a whole new light. 

Jacket siimii


3) Notabag reflective bag: The German Design winner can be transformed from a backpack to a tote bag in no time at all. Reflective straps and with all the features of the Notabag classic. 



Because rainy and wet weather conditions have an impact on sight and visibility it is pretty smart to wear rain gear with reflective elements. For example, our Rain Skirt a reflective seam on the side.


For more product inspiration, check out our Reflective Collection. Ride carefully and watch out for others!

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