Let's Celebrate: WE BIKE NYC

It is time to celebrate ...

... to celebrate girls on bikes, beautiful bicycles, New York City and the ladies of WE BIKE NYC. So if you are in New York City on October 10th, don't miss out on this party.

What is WE BIKE NYC?

WE BIKE stands for women's empowerment through bicycles and the goal is to create a social and educational community for women who ride bikes in New York City. WE Bike is an inclusive community for any women or women identifying people who ride, or would like to ride bikes.

WE BIKE NYC was founded by cyclist, bicycle mechanic and superwoman Liz Jose: “As a mechanic and youth educator, I became aware that there was no organization in New York City specifically for women cyclists. I was interested most in creating a space for women who didn't consider themselves cyclists, felt intimidated in bike shops and on the street and was looking for a supportive way to ride more that didn't involve mandatory spandex. WE Bike was born. The WE in WE Bike stands for Women's Empowerment because I believe that bicycles have the potential to empower women to take control of the city and their lives. " If you'd like to know more about WE BIKE NYC or to get in touch check out their website.

Allthatiwant is a huge fan, supporter, student (here we've learned how to fix a flat tire) and member of WE BIKE and we are ready to party !!!