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Finally: Spring has sprung and we had the first weekend with lots of sun and great cycling conditions. So we decided to take a spontaneous cycling trip to the Ardennes in Belgium.

The Ardennes offer a wide range of bike and hiking trails for all fitness levels, like the Ardennes-Eifel trail or the Vennbahn cycle path across East Belgium. No matter if you prefer road cycling, gravel bikes, MTB touring or enjoying a light hike – the area offers something for everyone.

To have a base for the weekend, we picked a beautiful AirBnB in Stoumont and started to explore from there. Having a stop at Le Coffee Ride was on top of our list and so we made a reservation in advance for their weekly BBQ night. After a long day of cycling there's just nothing better than a rich dinner with friends. (To make a reservation simply visit the Le Coffee Ridewebsite. During the day the cafe offers of great specialty coffee, cakes and small snacks... and the Rosé is also not bad.

Speaking of #dontdrinkandride: Le Coffee Ride is also a B&B. They can host up to 26 people and have two-, three- and four-bedrooms available.  

Le Coffe Ride Cafe Bar

In need of new riding apparel: Le Coffee Ride developed a range for Men and Women featuring the latest technical fabrics combined with a modern and stylish design and is available online and in the shop. 

If you want to learn more about Le Coffee Ride, check out their very own podcast "The Creative Cyclist". The podcast features inspiring cyclists and riders who make a living or express themselves in an original way, doing their thing in the cycling world. One of them is Sanne Hitipeuw, a lawyer and avid cyclists based in the Netherlands. In episode 13 Sanne shares some of her favorite stories from her extreme and adventurous bike rides across the world.

The Creative Cyclist Podcast

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Opening hours (Last checked march 2022)
Fr 12 am – 22 pm
Sa 8 am – 22 pm
Su 8 am – 17 pm




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