CAPUCHE or how to protect your hairstyle from rain (in style)

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Bicycle Capuche Paris

Paris is becoming a cycling city: after the first lockdown in 2020, the number of cyclists in the French capital increased by almost 70 percent compared to the previous year. And as previously mentioned in our Instagram Story Mayor Anne Hidalgo is an avid cyclist herself and YAY owns a Thousand helmet in navy blue .

Family business conquers the (bicycle) catwalks of the capital

And there are many wonderful companies and designers taking on the challenge on staying dry while cycling in the french capital. Just today we've added some new great products to our NEW ARRIVALS section in our shop: the rain hoods from CAPUCHE . 100% manufactured and designed in France, the story behind CAPUCHE is the story of Juliette and Gisèle. 

Juliette is living and working as an art director in Paris and has thought about protecting her own hairstyle on an average of 170 rainy days per year. Gisèle is Juliette's grandmother, lives in Chambery and thanks to her self designed rain bonnet, hasn't worried about rain and her hair in a very long time. And it was exactly this rain cover combined with Juliette's creative mind-set, her sense for fashion and many years of experience in the industry that set the foundation for CAPUCHE.

The first collection launched successfully in 2017 and after numerous press features and a TV appearance on "Qui veut être mon associé?" (Who wants to be my business partner?) CAPUCHE made it into the most prestigious addresses such as Galerie Lafayette, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche and Fondation Louis Vuitton. 

But even without all the media hype, the CAPUCHE bonnets are simply very practical, well thoughtfully designed and made with love, technical know-how and craftsmanship.

CAPUCHE should not be missing in any purse and proves that your hair can be protected so easily from rain and weather. Bad hair and weather days are so yesterday and we simply love this great idea and product! 

Capuche Bubbles

Photos by CAPUCHE

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