Behind The Design: The Explore Thousand Junior Collection

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Boy bicycle bike helmet

The collection: Made for Kids by Kids at Heart

We know how difficult it is to find a helmet that we like to wear and although we as adults know how dangerous a bike accident can be, we still need to be convinced by goo design to actually wear a bike helmet. 

With kids it's whole different story: on my way to work I often see the kids' helmets hanging from the handlebars or on their backpacks when they cycle to school, because it's just not cool to wear a helmet.

Human-Centered Design: The design process of the Thousand Jr. Collection

Of course, the safety features of the previous Thousand helmet collections can't be missing. But what about the design? Which colors are popular? What's popular with the kids these days? The best thing to find out is: ask them! So the entire process started with a survey. 100 children aged 5-11 participated in the survey and were interviewed:

  • What is your favorite color?
  • Which is your favorite animal?
  • What is your favorite food? (...)

So the team tool on the challenge to work on colors, shapes and features - always taking into account the Thousand Design Guidelines and the highest possible safety and quality standard for children bicycle helmets.

Thousand Design Questionnaire Results

Source: Explore Thousand


Sticker Survey Thousand Helmet Children

Source: Explore Thousand


Why we love Jr. Collection: Thousand remains true to its design values and once again lives up to the high standards of quality and design. Our own kids love the helmets and that's for us the main reason why we feature the collection in our store.

Oh and btw: All Thousand Jr helmets are of course CPSC, ASTM and CE certified.



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