Behind The Design: The Explore Thousand Junior Collection

Boy bicycle bike helmet

The collection: Made for Kids by Kids at Heart

It is difficult for us "adults" to find a helmet that we like to wear and although we know how dangerous a fall on a bike can be, even for us "grown-ups" we need a convincing design so that we can use the helmet also really attract. 

It's no different with the kids: on the way to work I often see the kids' helmets dangling from the handlebars when they cycle to school because it's just not cool.

Human-Centered Design: The Path to the Thousand Jr. Collection

Of course, the tried and tested safety features of the previous Thousand helmet collections should not be missing. But what about the look? Which colors are popular? What's cool with the kids right now? The best thing to do is just ask. At the beginning of the design process, the survey was a classic. 100 children aged 5-11 belonged to the group and were asked in extensive interviews:

  • What is your favorite color?
  • Which is your favorite animal?
  • Was ist in Lieblingsessen?

So there was an approach to colors, shapes and features - always taking into account the Thousand Design Guidelines and the highest possible safety and quality standard for children Helmets.

Thousand Design Questionnaire Results

Source: Explore Thousand


Sticker Survey Thousand Helmet Children

Source: Explore Thousand


Why we find the Jr. Collection convincing: Thousand remains true to its line this time too and once again lives up to the high standards of quality and design. The new collection also impresses with its well thought-out design, the use of all tried-and-tested safety features and the consideration of all the children's wishes for the helmets. The otherwise clean and minimalist design is not lost and the reflective stickers and little gimmicks are just fun.

Oh yes: All Thousand Jr helmets are of course CPSC, ASTM and CE certified.