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Reflective clothing: Be safe and be seen.

No question about it, on a bike you always lose out in a crash in traffic. Last year a family member had to experience first hand what it is like to be overlooked at a roundabout. Fortunately "only" a broken hip and thanks to the helmet no permanent damage ...

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How to commute by bicycle

For us, being able to bike to work positively impacts quality of life. It's that time of the day where you can collect your thoughts, reflect on your day or simply don't think about anything at all.

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Winter Cycling: Skin Care For Colder Temperatures

Low outside temperatures and cold wind in combination with central heating demands heavily on all types of skin during winter season - especially when you bike a lot. It can even get to that point where your skin feels dry, irritated and sore. But finding the right skin care can be a pain as well. 

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